Whittier neighborhood, Minneapolis

I moved to Minneapolis from Lincoln, Nebraska in 1989. One of my first jobs was working for the Whittier Globe, one of many neighborhood newspapers in Minneapolis at the time. My job was designing and laying out the paper, but I also did some photography for the paper, and I rented a studio in the building at 24th & Nicollet that is now a school. I have lots of shots that I took around there at street fairs, of businesses and just walking around. I’m going to be posting some of my favorites here with any information I can remember about the photos or the events. More to come as I find the interesting ones in this stack of negatives.
Please don’t reproduce or use any of these photos for any purpose without permission, thanks.

Outdoor concert, 26th & Nicollet, Minneapolis

Cake magazine editors

Crowd, 26th & Nicollet, Minneapolis. 1992

Lyndale Avenue Rock n Roll show. circa 1992

26th & Nicollet, Minneapolis. c 1995

Paul Wellstone, Brian Coyle. Press conference in Phillips neighborhood. circa 1992

Duck game. Minneapolis, circa 1992

McGruff the Crime Dog. Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis. c 1992

Parade, Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis. circa 1992

Dee Long, Whittier Parade, Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis. c 1992

Allan Spear, Myron Orfield, Karen Clark. Nicollet Avenue Parade, Minneapolis. c 1992

Parade, 25th & Nicollet, Minneapolis. circa 1992

Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis. circa 1992

26th & Nicollet, Minneapolis. c 1992

Concert, 26th & Nicollet, Minneapolis. Circa 1992

Nicollet Ave Parade, Minneapolis. c 1992

Outside the Artist’s Quarter, Minneapolis. c 1990

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