The Black-Eyed Snakes “Rise Up”

Created for the 2009 Duluth Homegrown Music Video Festival. Participants draw a song from a local band from a hat, then had a weekend to make a video for that song.

It’s funny how this took off considering how quickly it was put together. It went on to be featured on Channel Frederator, MNTV, Cinema Lounge, and shown at the Walker Art Center.
It even appeared on the Walker Art Center Web page, right next to the Cohen Brothers. Pretty cool.

Mayor Don Ness used stills from the cartoon as his Facebook profile pix for a long time. As of April 2014, it is still his Gravatar.

And another image from it got turned into a cake for the 8th Perfect Duluth Day birthday celebration.
DonNess and CakeByBarrett
Here is Mayor Ness copying his now iconic pose.

In 2013, the video was brought back for an encore performance at the Free Range Film Festival, it was first featured at the festival in 2009.

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