Super-short, silly drawings. Follow along, make your own versions.

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Episode 13: Gibson Flying V Guitar

Episode 12: Octopus

Episode 11: Cat

by Claire

Extra Credit by Claire

Episode 10: Fish

Episode 9: Rabbit

by Claire

Episode 8: Bob Dylan

by Mike

Episode 7: Rocket

by Mike

Episode 6: Frog

by Mike

Episode 5: Bulldozer

Truman work in progress, Still life with bulldozers, chickens and Monte Carlos.

Episode 4: Monte Carlo

by Truman. And Janaki. The pig is driving the Monte Carlo. Well played, Truman.

Episode 3: Turtle

by Claire

Episode 2: Pig

by Valerie

by Beverly

by Scott

Episode 1: Chicken

Embroidery by Scott

by Mike

by Matt’s daughter

by Truman