Keepaways Poster Frame

The Keep Aways – Over Your Shoulder Video

A music video created for the 2013 Duluth Homegrown Music Video Festival. Filmmakers are assigned a random band and song and they make ...


The Soggy Doggy

  A true story, written by Andy Allen, illustrated by me. Check out the website where you can buy the book and find out more ...

Darin CD-3D

Darin Bergsven CD and videos

CD design for Darin Bergsven, a fantastic jazz guitarist. I also shot and edited a couple of videos with him that were lots of ...


Choo Choo Bob – Holy Smokestacks!

Illustration and design for the Choo Choo Bob book, Holy Smokestacks! Based on characters and stories from The Choo Choo Bob Show, a ...

Tim Kaiser

Tim Kaiser

Portrait of local musician/artist/scientist/evil genius/weirdo, Tim Kaiser. Tim builds sci-fi mutant musical instruments that ...



Acrylic on



A few of the logos I've


Tangier 57 Gigposters

I am the drummer for Tangier 57. I'm a pretty crappy drummer, but I make nice posters, so they keep me around. Look for us at Duluth's ...