The Soggy Doggy

  A true story, written by Andy Allen, illustrated by me. Check out the website where you can buy the book and find out more ...

Darin CD-3D

Darin Bergsven CD and videos

CD design for Darin Bergsven, a fantastic jazz guitarist. I also shot and edited a couple of videos with him that were lots of ...


Choo Choo Bob – Holy Smokestacks!

Illustration and design for the Choo Choo Bob book, Holy Smokestacks! Based on characters and stories from The Choo Choo Bob Show, a ...

Tim Kaiser

Tim Kaiser

Portrait of local musician/artist/scientist/evil genius/weirdo, Tim Kaiser. Tim builds sci-fi mutant musical instruments that ...



Acrylic on



A few of the logos I've


Tangier 57 Gigposters

I am the drummer for Tangier 57. I'm a pretty crappy drummer, but I make nice posters, so they keep me around. Look for us at Duluth's ...

WK Poster900px Wide

Wicker Kittens poster

Wicker Kittens, "the documentary about competitive jigsaw puzzling" will premiere at SXSW 2014. I had the honor of creating the poster. ...